Stainless steel cabinets INOXit

Stainless steel cabinets INOXit
Stainless work cabinets INOXit are made with sliding and opening doors.
The door sliding system is according to the highest world standards in the industry.
Additional polyamide rolls, built into the bottom of the doors, roll in cold-formed, rounded grooves on the lower counter.
The system gives maximum strength and stability, with extremely easy sliding and meets the highest hygiene requirements.
They can be with and without an intermediate shelf.
Both 40/40 mm pipe legs and round stainless steel feet 65 mm can be used in production.
The standard height is 850mm, but cabinets up to 2200mm high can also be made.
As with the work tables and cabinets are made in two lines: "STANDARD" and "LUXURY".