Neutral stainless steel equipment INOXit

Neutral stainless steel equipment INOXit
   BIS Ltd produce a wide range of neutral professional kitchen equipment from stainless steel:
  • Sinks with electric faucet - from 1 to 4 sinks from 400mm up to 2850mm lenght

  • Sink units – length up to 2880mm/ step 10mm; width up to 1350mm/ step 10mm

  • Tables – length up to 2880mm/ step 10mm; width up to 1350mm/step 10mm

  • Cabinets (open, with sliding/ hinged doors) – length up to 2900mm/step 10mm; width up to 1350mm/step 10mm

  • Storage bins, drawers – are able to be incorporated in the products, mentioned above

  • Wall units/cabinets (open, with sliding/ hinged doors) – length up to 2900mm/step 10mm

  • Butcher and fish tables

  • Racks/ stillages (welded or detachable) flat or perforated - length up to 2900mm/step 10mm, the number of shelves could be different (3, 4, 5 or more)

  • Wall shelves - length up to 2900mm/step 10mm

  • Trolleys – different types including by customer's drawings (even trolleys for convection ovens)

  • Trays standard and non-standard – material: aluminum, aluminized steel or stainless steel

  • Hoods - length up to 2980mm/step 10mm and filters for hoods (500/500 and 400/500mm)

  • Other non-standard products on customer's demand

All products mentioned above could be produced with sizes by customers' demand.

Basins for the sink units are very wide range of sizes too - from 170/300/200 mm to 1280/500/380 mm (see next page for all basins' sizes and depths)

For example you can order an open cabinet with 2 sink basins – one 400/500/300 mm and the other 600/500/300 mm, size of the cabinet is 2030/670/850mm (instead of 2000/700/850), position of the basins is on customer's choice, with a step of 10mm and it has not influence on the price!!!

Our additional advantages are:

  • We are able to produce all tables, sink units, cabinets and shelves with cutted worktop at the corners from one or both sides (triangular or rectangular shape)(sizes and angles are on customer's choice)

  • We produce tables and sink units - welded - by standard, but they could be produced detachable as well - on customer's demand.

  • Building-in different type of equipment (ranges, fryers, grills etc) in a neutral unit - possible on customers' demand

Our idea concerning the production of stainless steel equipment is to produce non-standard units at the price and quality of the standard ones.


  • The price for a cabinet with sliding doors 1980/690/850mm (nonstandard) in our pricelist is the same as the price for a cabinet 2000/700/850mm (standard one) – prices are changing through 100mm!!!

Therefore, if you are looking for a skilled, flexible and a good quality producer - BIS Ltd is your right choice.