Electric cookers INOXIT

Electric cookers INOXIT
The professional electric stoves ​​ are available in 5 lines in production:
  1. Line 60 - with 2, 3 or 4 plates 300-300 mm (side by side) - oven GN 1/1
  2. Line 70
  3. Line 80
  4. Line 90 
  5. Line 100 MAX.

For the production of stoves we use the same standards and materials as ones for the ranges.

BIS Ltd. has created a modular system INOXit FIT for cooking ranges and stoves, brand Inoxit, which gives a possibility to separate the ranges from the oven during installation.

If you have problems placing the stove inside the kitchen you are able to separate the upper part (with the plates) from the lower part (with the oven), to move them inside the kitchen, and then assemble them again.

This module system refers only for Lines 80, 90 and 100 MAX!